How to obtain a quote.

– Discuss your plans with prospective installers. They will help you select the right products and advise about such things as edgings and drainage.

– Always request written quotations. We recommend more than one as service levels vary and the cheapest is not always the best. Make sure each is quoting on a like-for-like basis.

– Appoint the Premier register installer with whom you feel most comfortable.

How to spot a ‘cowboy’

  • If they say they can ‘start tomorrow’ – be wary. Reputable installers are in demand and usually need many weeks notice.
  • If they cold call because they ‘just happen to be in the area’ – be very wary. Genuine Premier Register members never cold call. If somebody turns up on y our doorstep claiming to be on the Premier Register – check it out.
  • Never accept a verbal estimate. Insist on a written quotation.
  • Quotations should be on headed notepaper with an address and telephone number – not just a mobile.
  • When you accept a quotation, ask the contractor to confirm it in writing. A ‘cowboy’ will be very reluctant to do so. This written contract is essential.

Premier Register

Premier Register of Approved Installers are regularly inspected to ensure they comply with strict membership standards. Premier are not a party to the contract between the Registered Installer and the customer. Premier cannot be held responsible for any ins tallation undertaken by a Premier Register Member. Details of membership are available from Premier Register Support Team on 0800 22 22 98.

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