Premier Group Positive Monday # 2: The Worry Buster

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to everyone who told us they enjoyed the first edition of Positive Monday.

We are delighted to hear that our weekly dose of positivity has been so well received.

So without further ado here is Positive Monday #2

Warm regards
Bernard Powell
Founder Ambassador Premier Group

Positive Monday # 2: The Worry Buster

In the wonderful book “How to stop worrying and start living” by Dale Carnegie there is an excellent technique to handle worry.

It’s called the ‘Worry Buster’ and has four simple steps.

1: Define in writing exactly what you are worried about.

For example “I am worried about a key staff member as I think they want to leave and work somewhere else.”

Or “I am worried about a business client who is slow paying  their invoice.”

2. Define in writing the Worst Possible Outcome (W.P.O.) of this worry.

If you have concerns about your key staff member, the worst possible outcome is that they leave your business.

If you have concerns about a business client being slow to pay their invoice the worst possible outcome is that you never get paid.

3. Decide mentally to accept the worst possible outcome should it occur. Ask yourself will this outcome kill me?

Will losing your staff member kill you? Will not getting paid kill you? In most cases the answer is no. (Asking this simple question allows you to put your worry in perspective.)

4. Take action immediately to make sure the worst possible outcome doesn’t occur. Action is the antidote for worry.

If you are worried about your staff member, talk to them and ask if they are thinking about leaving. If they are ask if there is anything you can do to make their job more enjoyable.

If you are worried about a client not paying you, perhaps you could talk with them face to face and voice your concerns. You might offer them an instalment plan to pay their invoice if they are in financial difficulty.

Action Exercise:

Use the Worry Buster technique on any worry you have.

It’s an excellent tool to eliminate worry quickly.

And the more worries you eliminate the happier you will feel.

Here at Premier Group we are a big fan of helping all our clients to eliminate worry. 

Which is the reason we have some unusual service guarantees. 

So we offer GUARANTEED technical support from our customer service team within 60 mins 0800 22 22 98!  (8am – 4pm Mon – Fri) or you get 10% cash back off your order!

Now that’s a great way to get some peace of mind!

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” Author Unknown

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  • Bernard Powell

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Lisa

    Always great to be reminded of the important things – which is how a customer feels. Thanks

  • Deborah Sutton

    Great post!

  • Dani

    Another fantastic post!

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