Premier Group Business Success Thursday Number 7

Hello everyone,

Here is Business Success Thursday Volume 7

The magic of low tech marketing

Here’s a simple low tech way to get a large number of people remembering your business.

The low tech strategy is the simple practice of sending out a small number of handwritten thank you cards on a regular basis.

Get your local digital printer to create personalised thank you cards for your business. Then send out at least two thank you cards each work day and write a personal handwritten message inside each one.

If someone buys from you might write something like this…

Hi John, thanks for your investment in XYZ product or service. I appreciate your business and know you will be delighted with your purchase. Kind regards Mary

There are many different occasions to send thank you cards. You can send them after a meeting with a potential client when you get a referral, after positive feedback and even when someone says ‘no’ to what you are showing them.

Hi Sue, thanks for considering our XYZ product or service. Sorry we can’t be of help now but would love to be of help in the future. Kind regards John.

One of the reasons thank you cards work so well is that they are very rarely sent by anyone today.

So they are always remembered.

If you send out two thank cards each work day this is 10 thank you cards a week and close to 500 thank you cards in a year.

So you are now positively influencing 500 people in a delightful low tech way. (Best of all this will take you only five minutes a day to do.)

What a great way to differentiate your business from all your competitors.

Here at Premier Group we are a big fan of doing things to turn all our clients into raving fans.

Which is the reason we have some unique features and benefits!….

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Warm regards
Bernard Powell

Here is a simple but powerful rule – always give people more than what they expect to get”  

Nelson Boswell


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