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Here is Business Success Thursday Volume 17

Take Action Fast In Times Of Change

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I mentioned value pricing expert Jonathan Stark in Business Success Thursday # 76.


In an email a few weeks ago Jonathan discussed how he persuaded his personal trainer to use Zoom and give him a virtual personal training work out. 

Because of lock down restrictions Jonathan couldn’t go to the gym so he figured that a training session on Zoom was better than no training session at all.

Jonathan was the first client that his personal trainer did a virtual training session for.

On his second virtual training session (only 4 days later) Jonathan asked his trainer how many clients he was now doing this virtual training session for.

30 clients his personal trainer told him.

In fact there were only 5 clients that he was not doing virtual training with. 

Jonathan was amazed at how fast his personal trainer changed his business model in only 4 days.

Now here’s the interesting thing.

The trainer is charging the same price for each virtual training session as he was for the live face to face training sessions. 

In other words his income is not too different from what it was before.

And he’s told the other personal trainers at the gym that this is what they could be doing as well.

However the other personal trainers are finding it very difficult to make this change.

They are uncomfortable with the video technology and the fact that the clients they are training no longer have access to all the fitness equipment at the gym.

However the longer they wait to make changes the more money they could be losing.

And many of these trainers could see their income drop to zero if clients are unable to visit them personally.

Jonathan’s trainer made the comment that doing training sessions remotely seems to be the ‘new normal’ and that things may not go back to the old way of doing for a long time. (If ever.)

Jonathan said in his email that the ‘new normal’ for many of us could be quite different to what we were doing before. 

And he noted that the best time to make these changes is right now. 

Action Exercise:

What fast actions can you take this week to improve your sales results?

Warm regards
Bernard Powell


“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” 

 Abraham Lincoln


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