Premier Group Business Success Thursday Number 15

Hello everyone,

Here is Business Success Thursday Volume 15

Focus on solving problems using your existing resources

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Value pricing expert Jonathan Stark said this recently…
Before the crisis, you were in the business of solving problems for your clients.

During the crisis, you will be in the business of solving problems for your clients.

After the crisis, you will still be in the business of solving problems for your clients.

The thing that will change is what problems your clients want you to solve.

Always be looking for new problems to solve.

The key here is to look for problems you can solve using your existing resources.

Snap Car Rentals is a great example of this.

When NZ was locked down in Level 4, Snap Rentals had 1,000 rental cars sitting idle doing nothing and zero income. 

They decided to take a chance and use their existing resources to solve a problem.

They approached a small chain of upmarket supermarkets and a grocery wholesaler.

They then set up an online ordering and home delivery service for each business.

And were able to offer a 48 hour delivery service and even a 4 hour delivery service for a small fee.

The problem they solved by doing this was simple:

The two major super market chains in New Zealand had been swamped with online orders while the country was in lock down. And couldn’t handle the huge demand.

Well enter Snap Deliveries and you can now have a guaranteed delivery of groceries in as little as 4 hours. Problem solved!

Snap is now an online grocery delivery company and they are flat out.

Snap are still solving problems for their customers.

And they are still using their existing resources like their cars, their staff and their online booking system to solve these problems.

What has changed is the type of problems they are now solving and the type of customers they are solving problems for.

Action Exercise:

What problems can you solve (and get paid for) by using your existing resources?
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Bernard Powell

 “Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity.”

Gerhard Gschwandtner

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