Premier Group Business Success Thursday Number 10

Hello everyone,

Here is Business Success Thursday Volume 10

Market with lagniappe

Lagniappe is pronounced LAN YAP and means giving your customer a little unadvertised, unexpected, unasked for ‘extra’.

This little extra is often remembered long after the purchase.

Here are some examples of businesses that used lagniappe and as a result got their clients  recommending them to a lot of other people:

The appliance shop and the pot plant:

There is a very successful appliance shop that does something very simple. Several days after you buy an appliance from them, they courier out to you a beautiful pot plant and a lovely thank you note. Their clients rave about their unexpected free gift. It generates a huge amount of referral and repeat business.

The Chinese takeaway and the paper bag:

There was a Chinese Takeaway owner who used to include something free with every order a customer placed. He would put it in a small bag and write “free” on the outside. Many people enjoyed going to this takeaway just to see what the free offer would be each time. It only cost the takeaway owner a few cents to give away something free and it made his business special to his customers.

When you consistently use lagniappe with all your customers you will turn many of these people into hardworking and loyal salespeople for your business.

They will actively recommend your business to many of the people they know.

You will also generate a large amount of repeat and referral business from these same customers because they now feel valued and special.

Take Action:

Write a list of 5-10 simple ways that you could provide ‘lagniappe’ to your clients. Use some of these in the next few weeks.


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Warm regards
Bernard Powell

“If you don’t appreciate your customers, someone else will.”     

Jason Langella

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