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Motivational Monday Volume 134! Breathe right and have more energy!

Here is a simple breathing technique for more energy.

If you’re used to heading straight for the coffee pot every morning, give this a try instead.

The Stimulating Breath Technique is a caffeine-free way to give your body and mind an extra little boost.

This traditional breathing exercise is used often in yoga, and stimulates the diaphragm.

It’s also known as the “Bellows Breath,” and signals the body to become more alert.

It’s described as being able to energize the body, clarify the mind and “clear away the clouds.”

Here’s how to do it: Sit up tall, and relax your shoulders.

Keep your mouth closed and inhale rapidly through your nose with quick, short breaths (exhale quickly as well).

Try doing that for about 10 seconds. Take a 15-30 second break and breathe normally.

Repeat several times.

Take Action:

Try this simple breathing strategy to have more energy.


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