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Motivational Monday #95 3 ways to enjoy more adventure in your life!

3 ways to enjoy more adventure in your life!

1: Take advantage of your long weekends

Simply put, if you have a three day weekend – make the most of it! 

Research cities or towns an hour or so away, or even make a stay-cation weekend. 

Google the best delicacies or local haunts tourists would never hear of. 

Take a serious stab at finding hidden gems within driving distance of your hometown. Dedicate your “off time” to your biggest passion… adventure.

2: Look for new things every day.

Take the long route. Seek new sights. Photograph the things that make your heart flutter. 

Find little details you otherwise would have overlooked. Every day, try to learn or see something new. 

The best explorers are one that are hyper vigilant and aware of what encompasses their setting. Do the same in your life. 

3: Change your thinking about Adventure

Reframe the notion that adventure requires a passport in hand, a long flight to a foreign country and cultures. 

Because the truth is, what was just described is not adventure – it’s simply just travel. 

Adventure, on the other hand, is a perspective that needs to be embraced. It can happen anytime, anywhere. 

It can happen on mundane weekdays, it can happen on a long drive to a nearby town, it can happen in a meal or a conversation or a new friendship made. 

Adventure is yours for the taking – no matter where your two feet are planted.

Remember –adventure happens in the magic moments of everyday life. 

You just have to find them! Incorporating more adventure in your life is really just as simple as making it a priority.

Take Action:

What will you do this week to have more adventure in your life?

Today’s quote“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”- Amelia Earhart


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