Motivational Monday # 58: A simple strategy that will help right now

Before we get started on todays Motivational Monday message, I wanted to make sure that you have heard about our new “Survive & Thrive!” webinar series that we have been running!

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Ok so here we go with todays message!…..

In times of massive change and uncertainty (like we are experiencing now) there is a simple strategy that will help all of us.

Expose yourself to some positive news and ideas every day.

Right now the media and Social Media is focused on sharing all the negative things that are happening around the world.

It’s helpful to stay current with what is happening in the news but that only needs to take 10-15 minutes a day.

If you spend a few hours a day engaging with the negative news in the media you start to feel depressed, anxious, fearful and helpless.

Which makes it very difficult for you to take positive actions to improve your current situation.

The solution is to expose yourself to some positive news and ideas each day.

This is one of the reasons we send out the Positive

Monday newsletter every Monday.

You may also like to check into the Good News updates at

They report on some positive developments around the world that you don’t always hear about.

For instance:

Tesla has just produced its one millionth electric car— the first company to achieve this milestone. It is now the world’s largest electric car maker. Electrek

Germany is converting 62 military bases west of the old Iron Curtain into nature reserves for eagles, woodpeckers, bats, and beetles. Independent

Peru has begun reforesting the area around Machu Picchu, with plans to plant one million trees on the site in the next five years. France24

A huge survey of the world’s fisheries says overfishing has been reversed for half the world’s catch, and where fisheries are being managed, stocks are above target levels or rebuilding. Anthropocene

Another source of good news is inspirational videos and stories about people who have done remarkable things.

A great example is the video I watched recently about a delightful  man called George the Optimist who is still skiing at the age of 101.

You can watch the video about George at this link

There are hundreds of great stories and videos about people like George that are doing remarkable things.

And watching some of these videos or reading some of these stories is a great way to expose yourself to some positive news each day.

Action Exercise:

What positive news or videos can you expose yourself to this week?

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