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Kerenna Smith

Position: Customer Service
Phone: 0800 22 22 98

It hasn’t even been a year since I started working in Customer Service here and I have learned so much already! One of my favourite Core Values is Pursue Growth & Learning as there is always something new to learn when you are at Premier, especially surrounded by amazing Team Leaders! I’m the one singing and laughing in the office – you can literally hear me laughing from meters away! – and I’m always excited to have visitors at the office because I get to give them a tour around our Showroom. When I’m not at work, I enjoy cooking and hiking, but my favourite thing to do is swimming … and cuddle with my cats. I live my life in an exclamation mark! I love customer service and by the way, if you need bricks and pavers and would like some info in Spanish, I’m the one to go to!