Milano paver
The Milano is an elegant paver perfect for every application from classic to modern contemporary. A safer option for outdoor floors without compromising on beauty.
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Romani paver
If you are looking for a paver that will stand the tests of time and changing trends, look no further. The Romani creates a timeless look with a beautiful, softly textured surface that ties in perfectly with almost any style of house and landscape. Romani paving is ideal for a breakfast courtyard edged with box hedging and standard citrus, a pool and patio area, or an elegant garden path.
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Palazzo paver
A beautiful, unique paver, the Palazzo looks like its name sounds – richly textured for a stunning ground effect that will turn heads. This stylish paver certainly makes a statement and looks great next to plain modern surfaces. The fine ridges of the Palazzo create the appearance of split stone while providing slip resistance.
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Viltorio paver
The diamond facet surface pattern makes it an excellent choice for entrance ways and other areas where safety is a priority
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Bullnose Paver
The Bullnose range enables you to create straight and curving edges for pools, steps, patios and path. Timeless paving solutions for the discerning homeowner.
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