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It is very important for us that you are satisfied with our products. At Premier Group you have the choice between many different products with different properties. We offer a free sample service for up to 2 products. This way you can see and feel the premium quality of Premier products in your home.

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* Maximum free sample size is 300mm x 300mm – this is big enough to give you a good idea of the colour and texture of the paver. If you require more or larger samples, please contact us directly on 0800 22 22 98 or you can visit your local DIY store to see the products.

* If you are trying to decide between 2 colours and 2 textures, simply request 1 of each colour in the 2 textures e.g. Romani paver (300 x 300) in Cream Sands colour and Milano paver (300 x 300) in Grey River colour.

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