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Business Success Thursday # 54

Here’s a story I heard from a friend and business colleague about a Netflix documentary series.

The Frog Jumping Marketing Lesson!

There is a terrific documentary series on Netflix called “We are the champions”. This series has six short 30-minute episodes and each episode features an unusual competition.

One of the competitions is a frog jumping championship in the United States.  

Every May, during the Calaveras County Fair, the world’s best frog jockeys (yes, frog jockeys) converge on Angels Camp, California to compete in a Frog Jumping tournament.

The competition is inspired by a Mark Twain story and the event has been taking place for more than 90 years.

The rules here are simple: the frog has to be an American bullfrog, and the winner is determined by how far the frog jumps in three hops.

Each winner receives $700, a trophy, and is immortalized on the sidewalk in the town’s prestigious Hop of Fame. 

What is great about the Netflix 30-minute documentary on this frog jumping contest is how interesting they made it. Frog jumping is actually a very serious business.

And the winners each year often go to extraordinary lengths to win the contest.

This includes things like going into the swamps at night to find the ‘perfect’ bullfrog. Then carefully training this bullfrog.

And so on.

There is high drama in the frog jumping contest and it had a totally unexpected winner as well.

The big marketing lesson:

The big marketing lesson from the documentary on this frog jumping contest is simple.

The Netflix documentary made a frog jumping contest really interesting and here I am telling you about it today.

So when you promote and market your business, how can you make it so interesting that large numbers of people eagerly talk about your business to everyone they know?

Today’s quote“I’m curious. Period. I find everything interesting. Real-life. Fake life. Objects. Flowers. Cats.  But mostly people. If you keep your eyes open and your mind is open, everything can be interesting.”  – Agnes Varda


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