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Business Success Thursday # 52

Simple and profitable yet seldom done…

A business colleague shared something interesting with me in January.

He said that on January the 2nd he had an issue with his computer.

It was running slow and overheating. 

So he phoned a local computer repair person who had over 70 positive Google reviews on his site.  

He got his answerphone and left a message explaining his problem.

It was a holiday weekend and a lot of businesses in New Zealand were closed for a Summer break. 

So my colleague was not really expecting to hear back from this computer repair person.

However, 5 minutes later his phone rang and it was the computer repair person asking how he could be of help.

Half an hour later he was looking at my colleague’s computer and within 2 hours the problem was fixed. His computer is now running fast again and is not overheating. And the computer repair person made an easy sale. 

The key to this example is super simple…

Respond FAST when you have a potential customer expressing interest. 

In fact, respond FAST to any customer communications.

Alan Weiss earns over 4 million dollars a year as a consultant. 

In one of his books, he said he aims to return every phone call within 60 minutes and reply to every email within 2 hours. 

If one of the most successful consultants in the world can respond fast like this what about your business?

Take Action:

How could you respond a lot faster with your communications?

If you respond fast it differentiates you nicely from most of your competitors.


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