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Business Success Thursday # 51

Where are your opportunities right now?

I was reading some comments by Chris the owner of a small printing company recently and he was talking about the opportunities that always pop up in business.

Chris said that a lot of things like printed invoice books stopped being printed a few years ago. And they were replaced with things like tablets and electronic invoicing online.

However, he’s noticed in the last year or so that a number of companies have gone back to using printed invoice books because their ‘high tech’ electronic systems have had a number of issues.

Tablets have been dropped and stolen. 

Their online invoicing system sometimes doesn’t work. And sometimes it is just simpler to spend a minute filling in a printed invoice book with some details and it’s recorded in triplicate and everybody is happy.

Chris also said that sales of printed ‘with compliments’ slips have gone through the roof.

A lot of companies are seeing the value of writing a couple of sentences thanking people for their orders and then enclosing that personal note on a compliments slip with the products they are shipping out to their customers.

Chris made the comment that as sales of some printed things have declined other printed stuff has increased.

It was a good reminder that there are always opportunities to do better in any business.

Take Action:

What new opportunities are you going to find in your business this month?


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