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Business Success Thursday # 46

There’s a lot to be said for the tortoise approach to marketing

My friend was telling me recently about how he was at his physio hand therapist getting treatment for his sprained wrist. He went once a week and this was his third visit.

On my first visit, his therapist diagnosed his problem and gave him a wrist brace and strap to wear. He was told to wear the brace 24/7 and only to take it off while having a shower. He was told to wear the strap on his arm most of the day but he could take it off at night. Over the first week, his painful and sore tendons in his arm settled down. 

On my second visit, he was given some treatment with a hot wheat bag and some soothing cream that gently heated his muscles. He was instructed to use the wheat bag and cream twice a day and to do one wrist exercise twice a day for 3-4 repetitions each time.

After the second week, his wrist and arm were noticeably improved.

So on his next visit, his hand therapist gave him a simple weight (a can of baked beans) to use to do 10 reps of a very specific exercise twice a day. She told him he will make a complete recovery however it will take time and he will need to keep doing everything she tells him. 

This is very much the tortoise approach of slow and steady every day producing improvements. And it reminded me that the same tortoise approach works really well in marketing. 

Do simple things every day, over and over again. And over time you will enjoy remarkable results. 

Take Action: 

What simple things can you do every day to get remarkable increases in your sales over time?


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