Building with Brick – Part One

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Brick is a beautiful way to build, a natural selection. 

Nothing is more natural – out of the earth and fired in the kiln, the real beauty is in the natural variations that occur as each brick is crafted in the flame; perfect imperfections. And like a fine red wine, brick ages beautifully, getting better and better as each year passes.

This natural beauty is much more than just skin deep. The durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance qualities of brick deliver exceptional value for money. particularly over the medium to long term. Brick is naturally tough too, standing strong when faced with the tikes of extreme weather and earthquake. With modern building methods. resilience is in brick’s DNA. Building with brick will let you relax with the assurance that your home will be warm, weather-tight and safe. For a lifetime.

For design potential, the range of bricks available today – from the rustic echoes of the past to ultra-modern textures. shapes and colours – offer limitless design opportunities to make your building truly unique.

(Article from BBFNZ)

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