Premier Wetlook Sealer

The Wetlook Sealer is a-based, acrylic-urethane, 36% solids sealer. It is designed for use over properly prepared concrete floors, pavers, stones, and other new or old porous masonry surfaces. The Wetlook Sealer is breathable, VOC<100 g/l and dries quickly to wetlook finish with one coat. It has strong abrasion and chemical resistance, good hot/wet tire pickup resistance, and will resist discolouration from dirt and most common spills. The sealer will enhance the colour of the substrate when applied in ONE coat and is formulated for exterior and interior use. Great for surfaces that require a higher-end, yet cost-effective finish and holds up very well to traffic such as retail stores, restaurant floors, industrial floors, garages, etc. Also performs very well over decorative concrete including stained and stamped concrete, overlays, natural/ manufactured stone, concrete countertops, pavers and exposed aggregate.


Premier Penetrating Sealer

The Penetrating Sealer is a water and oil repellent penetrating sealer with colour enhancing properties based on a blend of complex resins including nano-enhanced fluoropolymers. It is designed to penetrate deeply into porous surfaces such as interior or exterior concrete, stone and pavers, yet is compatible as an enhancing sealer over colour stains. It also helps repel dirt, dust and resists stains making the surface easier to clean. The Penetrating Sealer helps bead liquids and resists staining and discolouration from most common spills including dirty auto fluids, beverages and many other fluids making cleanup much easier. It has low VOC’s and will not blush or yellow and dries quickly. It prolongs the life of concrete that is affected by winter freeze-thaw cycles due to its ability to repel moisture. The Penetrating Sealer is breathable allowing vapours in the substrate to escape. It has strong abrasion and chemical resistance, and good hot/wet tire pickup resistance. The sealer will enhance the colour of the substrate when applied in two wet-on-wet coats. Great for surfaces that require a higher-end, yet cost-effective finish that holds up very well to traffic such as in industrial floors, driveways, garage floors, retail and restaurant floors, etc. Also performs very well over decorative concrete including stained and stamped concrete, overlays, natural/manufactured porous stone, pavers and exposed aggregate.


Premier Efflorescence Remover

Premier Efflorescence Remover™ incorporates a blend of synthetic acids and surfactants that are particularly effective at removing efflorescence, calcium carbonate, lime and scale lime off of masonry, concrete, and metal surfaces. It is an eco-friendly, non-fuming alternative to harsh acids, such as muriatic acid, for removing efflorescence. It is formulated with metal protectors so as to prevent the acid attack on mild steel, stainless steel, copper and brass enabling its powerful blend of active surface agents to be used on many surfaces. It’s ready to use formula is designed to be used on concrete and masonry to clean efflorescence prior to the application of Premier Efflorescence Prevention™ which will help stop the reoccurrence of efflorescence.


Premier Efflorescence Prevention

Premier Efflorescence prevention is a unique liquid topical treatment for pre-existing concrete and masonry surfaces. Efflorescence occurs when moisture in concrete and masonry migrate to the surface carrying salt minerals that react with air to create calcium carbonate. This white chalky deposit can be very unsightly and difficult to remove. Unlike other Products that try to reduce efflorescence by slowing water intrusion, Premiers Efflorescence Prevention chemistry actually uses the presence of water to react with to bind and purge excess minerals, chlorides, salts deposits and other impurities of concrete mixes at the nano-molecular level. It converts these into harmless matter that becomes part of the concrete as well as purging out excess. When used properly, Premier Efflorescence Prevention topical treatment will greatly hinder or completely stop primary and secondary efflorescence. Premier Efflorescence Prevention is amazingly successful when it is able to penetrate the surface sufficiently to come into contact with efflorescence or its minerals and salts deposits underneath the surface. For that reason, Premier Efflorescence Prevention has special penetrating aids to further improve its ability to get into the surface.


Premier Eco Acid Wash

Premier Eco Acid Wash is a water-based, non-corrosive concrete etching, profiling and cleaning compound. It is an effective, non-fuming alternative to harsh acids, such as muriatic acid. Eco Acid Wash is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and it safely prepares concrete surfaces by opening up the pores. Use to clean Brick, Pavers, Sandstone and Block.


Premier Paver & Concrete Fortifier

Paver & Concrete Fortifier™ is a premium grade concrete and masonry weatherproofer and fortifier. The proprietary formula densifies, strengthens and makes the surface water-repellant by penetrating into and chemically reacting with the unique chemical properties of the substrate. Paver & Concrete Fortifier’s chemical reaction creates a bond that permanently increases the lifespan of concrete and masonry by preventing and reducing damage caused by common problems, including extreme weather conditions (e.g. freeze-thaw cycles). The patent-pending water-based, nano-silicone/silicate based formula creates a breathable, yet stronger and water-repellent surface that is more resistant to abrasion and water-dissolved salts (alkali). Paver & Concrete Fortifier does not create a film on the surface that would trap moisture vapour; it does not change the texture; it leaves a natural-looking and more durable finish.