• Premier Bricks are an excellent brick and are very easy to lay. We’ve had a lot of positive comments on the colour of these bricks and they look great once they are laid. Before using Premier Bricks I wondered if concrete bricks would suck up more moisture than clay bricks. However after seeing the great look on other homes that used Premier Bricks that convinced me to use them ourselves. The service from the Premier Team is amazing as well.

    NATE ALLEXY Director / Sentinel Homes
  • I just wanted to bring to your attention the bricks are now in place and Wow they look awesome! If you get a chance you should have a look, the gable ends aren’t up yet which will improve the look some more but I think we’ve nailed this one with the rumbled brick, white mortar and grey roof fascia etc. I think the brick is going to sell well and our bricky also said it was a great brick to lay. Thanks.

    Ryan Building Company
  • With over 25 years of paving experience and thousands of square meters of paving laid in both the private and industrial sectors, we have found Premier Group range of products to be very extensive and of superior quality. Our clients have appreciated the unique range of size and style of paving available to enhance and transform their homes. We recommend Premier products to anyone wanting to add value to their property.

    Andrew Burns
    Andrew Burns Prestige Paving
  • I have been using Premier Pavers for many years now. I find the range (including colour options) very wide compared to other manufacturers. I never had a customer who couldn’t find a suitable paver within the Premier range. The quality of the Premier products are also heads and shoulders above the competition. I can confidently recommend Premier Pavers.

    SANDOR GERGELY Wellington landscaping

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